To retreat...

Dearest Beings of LIGHT!

For those of you who don't know me yet, it would be an understatement to say that I am incredibly passionate toward the boundless practices of self exploration, expansion of the heart, and total union. I am deeply devoted to work that allows us to truly commune and enter the infinite together.

If I could tell you in words here what it is to offer yourself to the practice in the company of others willing to strip themselves of their habitual surroundings and sink into the depths of their soul to experience the spirit and be shook by the divine mirror, I would.

However, the word is not here but in the experience itself. It stays someplace close to the heart and it echos there forever.

There isn't a space within left untouched. Transformations you didn't know you were ready for appear and relationships you'll carry forever slip seamlessly into your world.

Understand what it truly means to pray. Join together in prayer. Someplace on this planet. Expand the horizons within surrounded by boundless horizons without and allow your heart be touched in the great honor of curiosity, love and peace.


Jes Allen

*Special note: For true seekers of truth and light. Willingness to work as a community, drop exceptions and enter the unknown